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The consultation allows you the opportunity to get a sense of who I am, and for us to determine if we are a good match. We are meeting in part, to have a conversation about what brings you to therapy. Perhaps you have specific goals in mind or, maybe you just want someone with whom you can talk. In order to help you communicate in the session, I do my best to set a tone that is warm and relaxed. Time will be made at the end of the consultation to discuss scheduling a follow up appointment or, you may be more comfortable with thinking things over before you decide to proceed.


Sloane Rosner

Therapy presents for you some rare opportunities. It gives you a time out to focus solely on you, and provides space and time to express yourself freely without feeling judged. Sessions with me are conversational, and of course, confidential. My preferred approaches to treatment are both psychodynamic and psychoanalytic.

As a NYS Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I have been offering psychotherapeutic and counseling services since graduating NYU School of Social Work in 2003. I work with adults and teenagers, and conduct individual, family, couples and group therapy in my private office located in Downtown Brooklyn. In addition, I collaborate with Premiere Pediatrics' First Month Initiative. As a referral resource, I provide psychotherapy to parents to help ease the transition from pregnancy to parenthood.


These years can be extremely complicated. The struggles that you may be experiencing can be overwhelming and highly complex. It is common to have anxiety, sadness, and anger when dealing with issues of friendship, work, school, family, and sexuality. New thoughts and feelings arise as relationships change, expectations grow, and pressure to make effective and sound decisions intensifies. Therapy can be helpful in dealing with these issues. I am extremely respectful, supportive, and I believe in transparency. My office is easily accessible, I have flexible hours and available appointment times after school and work.


Do you ever feel...

  • Misunderstood by friends and family?
  • Alone?
  • Ignored by your parents?
  • As though your relationships are phony?
  • Disconnected?
  • Overwhelmed by tasks and emotions?
  • Like you want to run away?
  • Like you want to hurt yourself?
  • Pressure to excel all the time?

Young Adults

Do you ever feel...

  • Stuck in work and/or school?
  • Unable to effectively start and maintain meaningful relationships?
  • Left behind by those you deem more successful than you?
  • Uncertain if you are capable of making any good decisions?
  • Like picking up and leaving?


For adults, therapy can be useful in understanding how both the past impacts on the present and how current behaviors, feelings and ideas may interfere in achieving a more personally satisfying life. Therapy can help you to; gain insight into relationship problems and career roadblocks, alleviate feelings of shame, guilt, and self-judgement, and develop skills to manage anxiety, fear, and sadness.

Understanding your children's interests by gaining insight into their world can be extremely helpful for parents. Just as your children are trying to figure out who they are, you may find yourself going through the parallel process of trying to figure out what kind of parent to be. As the behaviors of your children change, it may be necessary to adjust your parenting style. You may benefit greatly by getting support and insight in connection with all aspects of raising your children. I am uniquely qualified to help you by virtue of a decade and a half of experience working with children and teenagers.


Group therapy can be enormously rewarding. By being around others who are experiencing similar things, you can feel less alone. Through the group interaction you can better understand yourself in relationship to others. I have run many groups during my career, some of which include parents with chronic medical conditions, new mother groups, and groups for adults in transition. Additionally, I provide group (and or individual) supervision to social workers looking to obtain hours for licensure. Please inquire about any groups that may currently be available.


  • Adjustment to change
  • Communication issues
  • Emotional Overwhelming
  • Family Problems
  • Self-esteem
  • Self-Harm
  • Motherhood
  • Identity Issues
  • Anger
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Loss
  • Rejection
  • Fatherhood


Included in the services that I provide, are web and phone therapy. Though not perfect replacements for in-office sessions, they can be very effective. For several years now I have successfully conducted long distance therapy with clients who may be away on vacation, sick at home, or have moved to a different state or country. Continuity can be maintained in your therapy by utilizing these alternate modes of communication. If you have any interest in exploring this further, you might consider scheduling a phone/web consultation.


It is important that we meet in person to determine if we are a good match. Please contact me to schedule an appointment. I do not participate in any health insurance plans. However, if you have out-of-network behavorial-health coverage, contact your provider regarding reimbursement. I will provide you with a monthly bill including the procedure code, diagnosis code, and tax identification information, that you can file with your insurance company.

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